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The Grand Finale

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

After a detailed data collection process, intensive benchmarking, observational studies, thorough stakeholder engagement, and the creation of countless physical renderings, our College of Engineering Facilities Master Plan studio is finally wrapping up the final report. Our completed comprehensive plan will serve as a valuable tool for the University in moving forward with implementation of the One Framework Plan, giving particular guidance in shaping the future of the North Academic Core and College of Engineering (COE) district.

The proposed greenway would connect Academic Core North with the Oval and offer benefits such as improved campus lighting and a separate bike path.

The proposed greenway would connect Academic Core North with the Oval and offer benefits such as improved campus lighting and a separate bike path.

Conservatively, the entire College of Engineering facilities plan can be implemented for about $250 million with the Neil Avenue extension, or $235 million without the extension. The fiscal analysis is based on recent renovations, new builds, and street rebuilds on campus, and is therefore quite accurate. In addition, this price tag is relatively low considering the numerous recommendations in the plan, and will be a key factor in having the plan realized on campus.

The excellent renderings created by our studio design team will also go a long way in persuading the college administration and University planning staff to implement specific strategies and tactics proposed for the North Academic Core.

This before and after representation of 18th Avenue highlights the key advantages of rebuilding internal campus streets as woonderfs.

Photoshop and SketchUp renderings were created for many elements of the facilities plan, including the main greenway connecting north campus to the Oval and the woonerf street rebuids proposed for 18th and 19th Avenues.

The overall success of our Facilities Master Plan studio can be measured by the final review and studio showdown. The showdown consisted of a materials review, a pecha kucha presentation, and Jeopardy and Pyramid game show challenges. Our studio took first place at the event, sweeping most of the individual categories and particularly impressing the audience with our pecha kucha and game show talents.

The client presentation provided us a great opportunity to present all of our deliverables to the College of Engineering dean and several other reviewers. The presentation lasted about one hour and included posters and a powerpoint overview of our data and physical plans. Studio members fielded questions from reviewers very confidently and professionally, surprising even ourselves with how much we knew about our topic.

The Facilities Master Plan final report will be complete by the end of this week and ready for wider consideration. It is our hope that we can one day return to Ohio State as alumni to see how our recommendations have helped shape this great campus.