Data Report and Midterm Studio Review

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week’s midterm review marked the halfway point for the semester and our Facilities Planning studio. Everybody came together in a great show of teamwork at the beginning of the week to finalize the data report, which was the central product of our midterm presentation, and create a poster as well.

The report is divided into three sections: facilities assessment, stakeholder engagement, and transportation assessment. The facilities assessment section contains two-page spreads for each building in the College of Engineering. These illustrate the facilities’ current conditions through pictures, summaries, space evaluations, charts, and quotes from users. Results from the occupancy assessment are also summarized in part one. The second section –Stakeholder Engagement –summarizes specific surveys the studio conducted, including a photo questionnaire and post-occupancy surveys. Finally, the third segment of the report contains information about various transportation surveys undertaken by the studio. The results and conclusions for the bicycle study and origin-destination surveys can be found here.

The purpose of the report is to provide clear, legible descriptions and data for the facilities and traffic patterns surrounding the College of Engineering. This will inform our goals and design strategies in the coming weeks.

The midterm studio review was a great way to provide the other three studios with constructive feedback on their progress, as well as receive feedback on our own efforts. There are four studios this semester, and each displayed their work in the main hall of Knowlton from Wednesday-Friday. Next week, we will comb through the comments from the review and make changes as necessary before pushing forward.

It feels good to have effectively visualized our work. Along the way, each studio member has already gained valuable experience in data collection and analysis as well as learned more about the specifics involved with compiling a report under time constraints. An expression from the beginning of the studio is being realized now –we have blackmailed ourselves into producing deliverables by setting tight deadlines. We have embraced the chaos and we are ready to plow forward.


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